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                              • Clean film workshop - car beauty clean workshop construction works

                              Clean film workshop - car beauty clean workshop construction works

                              In addition to meeting the requirements of process logistics, it should consider the layout of the lowest frequency wind direction in the factory area, and the open terrain, good ventilation conditions of the lot, and should be with the factory area no Dust shop and personnel to keep a certain degree of protection distance. Built in the South professional car film beauty clean workshop design and construction of professional integration company.
                              • Case Introduction
                              With the development of society, people's living standards improve, more and more cars into the people's lives. According to statistics, China's average of every 10 people have a car to the car is a general trend, the pursuit of the car also makes people on the car's quality and appearance requirements are getting higher and higher, people's demand for cars also led to its huge The development of the industry chain, automotive film and automotive beauty growing, car foil can prevent the light into the car, but the window is still fresh and visible landscape, but also block others to spy, protect the privacy of space. Also in the hot summer has been posted on the glass film inside the car temperature than the average temperature of 4-6 degrees lower; winter will be high 4-6 degrees, the car life more comfortable. Summer insulation up to 85%, winter insulation, reduce heat loss more than 50%, significant savings in energy consumption.


                              1, car painting clean workshop in the planning of the overall map on the location, in addition to meet the requirements of process logistics, should still be considered in the factory layout of the minimum frequency of the wind side of the wind, and the open, well-ventilated areas, and should be with the plant District dust-free workshop and personnel to keep a certain degree of protection distance.

                              2, clean room completely closed. In addition to safe entrances and exits, the goods transport import and export, the use of lighting side windows or roof lighting panels should be closed not open, the window for the double window.

                              3, the staff access to clean room, must wear a special work clothes, work shoes, wearing a work cap. Work clothes should be Siamese, no headgear. It is best to use anti-static chemical fiber fabric tailoring. After wearing, must also pass the automatic air shower door, air shower channel to have enough length.


                              4, into the dust-free workshop to all the air filter, and maintain a positive pressure to prevent the outside of the dust inhalation.
                              It is forbidden to enter the dust-free workshop.

                              5, the entire clean room should be divided into several areas, namely the general clean area, a high degree of clean areas and non-clean areas. For waste treatment, slewing, waxing and other non-clean areas should be separated from the wall. The paint room is the cleanest area of the whole workshop, and the partitions should be separated from other areas. Access to the paint room must be forced to levy, air shower time should be greater than 30s, otherwise the door is not open to ensure that the dust in the air to be fully filtered, paint clean room wall coated with a layer of sticky material, but also to stick dust.


                              Car clean room requirements in the 100 million level -1000 million within the environment,

                              Shenzhen Zhongjian South Environmental Co., Ltd Specializing in the production of a variety of cleanliness level and different uses of the clean workshop, the current cooperation enterprises in Shenzhen BYD Great Wall cars and other large well-known automobile manufacturing enterprises.